Club Details


Western Stars Sports Club


Club Established Date: 2022
Club Home Suburb: Blacktown
Club Manager: Bharat Gyawali


With constant flow of new families making Blacktown council as their new Home, the club has over 100 registered senior team members providing a pathway for aspiring Footballers in the region. Moreover, the club provides a range of soccer trainings and personal development activities for kids aged under 14. As a WSSC family we have 50 registered kids aged form 5 to 14 years.

Our Squad:

Jersey Number Player Name Age Category Picture
NA Bijaya Ghimire 35+,40+
99 Birendra Thapa 35+
38 Hom Nath Upadhyaya 35+,40+
23 Kastuv Koirala 35+
19 Madan Dhaurali 35+,40+
8 Prashanta Adhikari 35+
23 Pratap KC 35+
10 Rajnish Shrestha
4 Ranjan Koirala
14 Sudip Ghimire 35+,40+
5 Suman Banset 35+
9 Sumit Nepal 35+,40+
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