Macarthur Nepalese Football Club

We’re here to build a unified, sustainable, effective and trusted football club within Nepalese community in Australia and nurture the most powerful connection with our people, partners, members, Community and fans of MNFC Club. Enjoy the game, Fairplay, win and respect other.

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Grace Nepali Diaspora Community

The GNDC vision is to “Serve Nepali Diaspora Community in every aspect of
Community Services” and the primary mission is to “Work as a common platform for Nepali Diaspora Community and beyond, uplift spiritual bonding through community activities”.

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Kaalbhairav Fc

Like in the olden days when travellers
embarked on a perilous journey and sought
comfort with the idols of Kaal Bhairav, we are
common folks each with our own hardships
and our own journey grouping together on
the mornings of Sundays seeking solace and
companionship in the team we like to call the
Kaal Bhairav

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