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Kaalbhairav Fc


Club Established Date: 2016
Club Home Suburb: LIDCOMBE


Like in the olden days when travellers embarked on a perilous journey and sought comfort with the idols of Kaal Bhairav, we are common folks each with our own hardships and our own journey grouping together on the mornings of Sundays seeking solace and companionship in the team we like to call the Kaal Bhairav Football club or the KBFC. While some have the Messian feet, the others have Maradonian hands. Some have Maldinian skills while some should definitely try out for stand up comedian gigs. We are a bunch of misfits each coming together to continue the glory that is football. The talent can be earned, the skills can be learned – if you have the energy and the drive and the love of football – come see us on Sundays at 8 am around Lidcombe phillip park. If you see everyone, literally all eleven players, running to get to the ball that’s probably us. and yes we love our beers.

Our Squad:

Jersey Number Player Name Age Category Picture
99 Abhishek Chapagain
11 Aman Dangol 18+
99 Amod Subedi
99 Ananta Tandukar 18+
29 Anil Lama 18+
4 Anjan Vk
99 Anup Shrestha 18+
99 Atul Thapa Magar 18+
19 Bibek Giri
23 Bijaya Bhandari 18+
99 Dikshant Dhungel
6 Dipendra Bhandari 18+
3 Govinda Lohani
3 Kiran Gautam 18+
99 Kishor Bikram Maghaiya
7 Manish Baral 18+
99 Manish Khatiwada 18+
7 Protshan Basnet
99 Rahul Shrestha 18+
23 Rakesh Shrestha 18+
10 Sajan Dangol 18+
99 Samir Shrestha 18+
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