Club Details


Rato Chandra Surya Football Club


Club Established Date: 2019
Club Home Suburb: Homebush
Club Manager: Abiral Shakya


Rato chandra Surya was founded in 2019 by a group of friends excited to play football Regularly in and around sydney. Initially We started with Futsal and then transitioned into a football team. Our vision is to provide a platform for people interested in footbal to enjoy Playing as well as build a competitive team to challenge in tournaments.

Our Squad:

Jersey Number Player Name Age Category Picture
6 Abiral Shakya 18+,35+
99 Anil Bhusal 18+
17 Baburam Magar 18+
7 Bibesh Adhikari 18+
25 Binaya Shrestha 18+
22 Bishwa Gamal 18+
18 Gyan Deep Lama 18+
99 Kishmat Nepali 18+
19 Manjil Shrestha
13 Omkar Shah
13 Pragyan Chalise 18+
12 Pratip Lama
02 Rohan Maharjan
5 Rushan Baral
28 Sanjaya Khatri
99 Shaswat Shah 18+
27 Ujjwal Devkota
3 Yung Shrestha 18+
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